The First Post

It's 2016, and I fully recognize that the age of blogs has come and gone. That being said, they are still a great format, so I decided to build one. It will go more in depth into projects I work on, be a place for me to share thoughts associated to design, and share things that have influence my relationship with and interpretation of design.

The first post is of a video of me riding BMX from all the way back in 2007. My time in BMX slowed to a virtual standstill almost immediately after the completion of this video, which coincided with my second ACL reconstruction. 

This video is relevant as BMX played a major role in developing my interest in design. I began riding when I was 12, and formed a friendship with a product in a way that I feel few people ever experience. Bikes have played an extraordinary role in my life since, though most of the bikes in my life now are larger and have brakes.

Because of this friendship with an inanimate object I have had for most of my life, bicycles will be one of the many topics featured on this blog. We will visit different times throughout my past in which bicycles have played different roles, different experiences I have been given via bicycles, and discuss why the bicycle may just be the ultimate product.