Stoner Family | 2015

The "Stoner Family" is an ongoing exploration into the object acting as the subject. In the "Stoner Family" the objects create their own narrative in which they become the subjects, lazily slouching and fulfilling their given name. Made from American white ash, and Formica plastic laminate, the "Stoners" seem to have not a care in the world, relaxing and embracing their poor posture and "stoned" aesthetic.

The first part of the series is comprised of the "Stoner Sisters," and the "Brothers Stone."


The Brothers Stone


The "Brothers Stone" are 4 rambunctious brothers made from oiled American white ash and a variety of masculine colored stone laminates.  They terrorize the neighborhood with slingshots and bottle rockets, and their shared late model Firebird when not playing video games in their parents's basement.


The Stoner Sisters


The "Stoner Sisters" are twin sisters made from pickled American white ash and a more feminine colored stone laminate. They do everything together, walk to school, braid each other's hair, often times even complete one another's sentences.