Elegantly Unfinished | Observation

The unfinished or in process

inherently assume an unintended narrative. They engage the viewer in a way that finished works don't, leading the viewer to develop a story as to why the object is in the state it is.

Whether its a bridge, a building, a painting, or a bicycle, I have always been fascinated with unfinished or in process objects. Through the years I have personally documented as well as collected images and examples of this.


An Inadvertent Vernacular

is often times coupled with incomplete works, with the visual style and character determined the local materials and methods. Pictured below are meticulously placed stack of tile in Jingdezhen, China in 2015, a newly placed telephone pole in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013, and a scrub planed floorboard in Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, Kentucky in 2016.

potential and anticipation lie

within the unfinished, that the finished can struggle to actually realize.

"Reams of paper. Haven't you dreamed of reams of paper? It's absolutely beautiful beautiful beautiful stuff...What you do with a ream of paper can never quite come up to what the paper offers itself." -Charles Eames

Picture right are an abandoned, unfinished apartment building in Lagos, Portugal in 2016, turning alabaster on an engine lathe at UC in 2016, a stack of blanks for custom length Intersect Hook rails in 2016, and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub on New York, New York in 2014.


adds a level of curiosity and visual interest to construction, that often times is not achieved by the competed building, no matter how ornate or historical. Pictured above are a random apartment building in Barcelona in October of 2016, the Arch of Constantine in Rome under construction in 2014, and an abandoned construction site in Gazientep, Turkey, in 2014.