Elegantly Unfinished | Realization

Golden Section Bowl

I have always been fascinated with wooden bowls. They allow you to see and handle wood in ways that you very rarely associate it with: thin sections, compound curves, huge billets. The Golden Section Bowl was my first foray into bowl turning, and starting from a 12" square is certainly humbling...and nerve wracking.

The Golden Section Bowl became the first piece in the series, and spawned the concept of "Elegantly Unfinished." The first prototype was made from maple scrap I had lying around my shop, and was used as a proof of concept.

Upon further refinement and development of the rest of the series, the decision was made to switch to Ash, and maintain the hand sawn edges left from cutting the 4" thick black to size.

1:2 Cup

cup cnc 2.jpg

The 1:2 Cup is CNC turned out of 3" solid acrylic rod by DieCraft machine in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was the first time they had turned acrylic, and the they, and I were more than pleased with the results.

 Based on a classic 1/2 ratio, every decision within the cup's design is realized based on this simple proportion. Original samples were turned from RENshape by hand. 

Rule of Thirds Vase

The Rule of Thirds vase finished the series. A pattern made here in Cincinnati out of plaster, was carried in my luggage to Jingdezhen, China, where molds were created. From there, a number of vases were slip cast using the pure white porcelain Jingdezhen is known for. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with 4 spectacular artists while there. Huang Fei, Snow Yu, Katie Parker, and Taylor Carter, all decorated 2 vases each, using their own style.