pt. 1_day3

Didn't take a lot of photos today, or climb all that much, but clocked a bit of mileage at 51.6 and 2,308 feet of climbing. I am using Ride With GPS on my phone to track everything, and find that while interesting for the sake of this project, it doesn't seem to tell me all that much about the real parts of the bike I tired, do I feel particularly fast or strong through a section, etc. I have typically avoided these measuring tools until now, though quite a few people I ride with seem to be into them. Maybe tomorrow I will follow someone else's route using it.

I also made a few decisions of adaptations to my setup that I need to execute later...mostly buying a much smaller lock situation for day rides where I am never going to be more than 50 feet from my bike.


I saw this snake...

...and fiddled with my brakes a bunch. After years of trial and error, I have dialed in my seat bag  really pretty much perfectly...I wish I could say the same for my rear brake.

One of the days this week, I will make a point not to ride across or near the Little Miami River. Not today.