pt. 1_day2

Day 2, I was a little slow on my way into work. Grabbed an Iced Americano and rode one handed from Startbucks drinking it on the way...saw this great GT Triple Triangle locked up at DAAP.

This awesome building is at the bottom of one of my favorite descents in town...from Ault Park down to Eastern Ave. This time around I rode back up, and back down...a first for me as I had never climbed that road.

Rode along the river for a little while, a bit further east than I usually venture, and man it is weird out there. 

Ate a great sandwich at the High Mark, and rode the 5 miles or so home. Funny story about the High Mark...the first time I ever noticed the place, I was on a bike ride checking out the flood we had earlier this year, and noticed them pumping out their basement, which apparently had 5 feet of water in it. I guess the name seemed fitting...or a jinx.

Relatively short day at 26.6 miles but dense with climbing at 1,923 ft.